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Linguaskill General Speaking

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Prepare for your Linguaskill General Speaking module.
Adjust the course to your learning pace and agenda. Complete the course even in 1 day!  

Upgrade your language and learning skills. 

TRANSFORM the way you think about learning the language.

Linguaskill General

Preparation Course


If you're planning to take a Linguaskill General Speaking by Cambridge exam and you feel you could use some support, this course is perfect for you.

How long will it take to complete the course?
At a regular pace 3-4 days.
At an express pace 1 day.

What do you need to complete the course?
A computer/tablet/phone, a pair of headphones and Internet connection.

What will you learn during the course?

  • The format of Linguaskill General Speaking module exam and its tasks - question types.

  • How to manage all exam tasks in the given time.

  • How to improve your English while preparing for the exam.

  • How to practise in the optimal way.

  • How to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the challenge. 

  • How to manage your exam stress.

  • How to prepare your room and equipment for the online exam format.

Course Objectives

All LYNKO academy's courses are based on 3 main objectives that when met will lead to ultimate long-lasting results, not only for your English knowledge and skills but also, and perhaps above all, for your general learning skills and your self-confidence. 

Prepare for the exam

At the end of the course you'll know everything about Linguaskill General Speaking exam, its structure, tasks and the way it is assessed. You'll be familiarized with the exam day procedure and most certainly you'll know what to do. 

Improve your English

During the course you will revise and learn some English with a practical approach. Besides that, you'll learn how to use exam materials for learning the language.

Change your mindset

The course will equip you with some tools, methods and attitudes that will make your learning more efficient and fun while your exam day less stressful. Expect a boost of confidence!


Linguaskill General


As you can take your exam online, now officially you can also prepare for it online.

Here, before your eyes, you've got the most compact Preparation Tutorial for Linguaskill General Speaking, with practical exam tasks followed by immediate feedback. 

Apart from familiarizing you with the exam, its format and tasks, it'll help you to improve your English while preparing for the test. Additionally, it'll guide you through a few simple mind hacks which will result in your upgraded learning skills and attitude towards learning and, as a result, better exam performance.

Course Content

The course looks into every aspect of Linguskill General Speaking exam, providing you with video lessons and practical exam tasks followed by feedback. It doesn't neglect your mental exam preparation, supporting it with mind hacks and tips helping you to study more efficiently and, as a result, perform better in the exam. 

Clear Course Structure

Modules and lessons

The course is divided into modules and lessons that you can take at your own pace, ideally in the suggested order.
Mark the lessons you've done as completed, keep track of your progress on the progress bar. 

Video Courses

Video lessons

Every lesson introducing new exam parts and tasks as well as new aspects of exam preparation is in a video format - easy to watch or listen to. 

Mind Hacks

Daily practice

Among the tips and exam exercises, you will find some mind hacks and tips that applied to your preparation course and exam day will support your learning and exam performance, helping you to achieve an ultimate result. 

Practical Exercises

with the feedback

The course contains mock tests and practical exam tasks followed by an instant feedback, which helps you to immediately apply what you learn in the lessons. 

Mock Test

entire speaking test done step by step

You can watch and listen to an actual mock speaking test with all the tasks done in a given time, accompanied with comment of a trainer.

Exam Day Tips

and procedures

In the last Module of the course you will find a video lesson explaining all exam day procedures, followed by practical exam day tips. 

Language skills improvement

BONUS videos

You will find BONUS materials scattered around the course supporting your fast skills improvement.

Course Curriculum

Linguaskill General


Introduction to Linguaskill General Speaking

This course is like no other Linguaskill preparation courses for two main reasons:

  1. It's not another read-on course which requires from you reading through more than 90% of the content. Quite the opposite - you can take it as a part of "Traffic University" that is learning while commuting.

  2. It devotes time and attention to mental preparation helping you to make the most of your learning experience, providing you with tools to deal with studying and exam performance better.

Its main objective is to support your preparation for Linguaskill General Speaking module,

Course Objectives

This course has got 3 objectives:

  1. To support your Linguaskill General Speaking preparation

  2. To help you to improve your English while preparing for the test

  3. To convince you that the right attitude to learning makes all the difference

Linguaskill General Introduction to Speaking

Module 1 Game changer

Module 1 of this course is an ultimate game changer. This module with its lessons appears at the beginning of our journey together to give you a chance to apply its findings to the rest of your exam preparation course and your exam day.

The aim of this module is to teach you a few simple mind hacks that turned into very simple daily practices make your learning more fun and efficient.

You'll learn how to get to the best level of mind of learning, that is an alpha level - the state of relaxed body but sharp mind. I'll teach you how to boost your confidence just before the exam starts and how to relax quickly in case you start getting nervous with the use of box breathing technique.

If you're ready, let's move on to the first part of this module.

Module 1 - Learn beyond the exam tasks
Get to an alpha level of mind
Alpha music - example
Mind hack: Box Breathing - BONUS
Pomodoro Technique
Learning is not a solo activity

Module 2 Speaking test

This module is the core of your course. It is divided into five short parts - each devoted to one speaking exam part.

After introductory information on the test, types of questions and other relevant information, you'll have a chance to see exam tasks done on the screen with the comments of a trainer.

Then, you'll have a chance to try some of the tasks on your own as a homework assignment. In order to get feedback, it will be enough to record yourself speaking and share your work as a comment to the lesson.

At all times, you're encouraged to ask questions and leave comments below the lessons.

Speaking Part 1 - Warm-up
Speaking General Part 1 - example questions
Speaking Part 2 - Read aloud
Speaking General Part 2 - example questions
Speaking Part 3 - First long-turn
Speaking General Part 3 - example questions
Speaking Part 4 - Second long-turn
Speaking General Part 4 - example questions
Speaking Part 5 - Communication activity
Speaking General Part 5 - example questions

Mock Speaking Test

Watch the video of a speaking mock test with accompanying comments to get an insight into how the speaking module of Linguaskill looks like in practice.

Linguaskill General mock speaking test

BONUS videos

In order to support your preparation for writing module, watch some useful materials below.

How to improve your speaking skills - BONUS
Speak & Improve
Linking words and expressions - BONUS

Module 3 On Exam Day

In this module of our course we're going to look into your exam day in terms of exam procedures and your preparation, from room and equipment preparation to your physical and mental preparation.

If you decide to take a Computer-based exam, you will take your exam at your local exam centre, which means the only thing you'll have to do will be showing up with your valid ID on the day.

We're assuming, however, that you will opt for an online test and for that you'll have to take care of your enrollment, prepare your equipment and room, besides preparing yourself physically and mentally.

During this lesson I'll explain to you step by step what you need to do and how the process looks like. So watch on!

Module 3 - On Exam Day
Get to an alpha level of mind
Positive self-talk - speak nicely to yourself
Creative Visualization for speaking flow
Wonder Woman pose

Thank you!

We'd like to thank you for taking this course with us. We sincerely hope you've learned more than just how to crack Linguaskill General Listening & Reading exam. See you in some other course!:)

Good luck with your exam!

Thank you for taking our course:)